Buying A Bed Made Easy

Bed Buying Guide

The average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping and another 7 trying to get to sleep. Given this amount of time spent in bed, the purchase of a new bed is a major decision that requires both ample time and thought.

Things to consider when buying a bed:

  1. Type of bed right for you

There are different types of beds available. The correct one for you depends on considerations such as space available, personal tastes and budget.

Types of beds available:

Bedstead Beds

Bedsteads are built from slatted frames. They can either come in wood or metal and comprise of a base, legs and a headboard. Bedsteads can make a real statement in any room. They come in a variety of colours finishes, styles and price points.

Divan Beds

A very popular and simple style of bed. A divan is to all intents and purposes a base to which you add a mattress and a headboard. Some even come with built in storage.

Storage Beds

A storage bed as the name suggests is a bed with built in storage. The storage can take a number of different forms, from the traditional pull-out drawer option to the ottoman style storage bed. The latter comes with a built-in piston assisted lift mechanism; the foot of the bed lifts up with the storage space underneath.

 2. Space available in your bedroom

The space available in your bedroom will have a bearing on which bed you choose. Some bed frames are larger than others and you need to leave space either side for things like bedside lockers and to give yourself enough leg room so you can get around the room without running into the bed each time. Always measure the space the bed is intended for. Bring these measurements with you to store and discuss the best options based on these measurements with the sales team. If shopping online look for the measurements of the bed under the description/specification section.

3. Budget

The amount of money you have to spend will dictate the choice of bed. Each bed type discussed above comes in a range of prices. Take into account when shopping for a bed that items like mattresses are sold separately.  If purchasing a divan bed - a mattress and headboard will need to be purchased separately unless otherwise stated. At McVann Furniture we have a range of beds in various styles to suit every budget. 

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